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TSP Mentor

Peer Mentoring: Unlocking Potential within Technology Services Businesses

Are you ready to unlock the potential in your business?

Introducing TSP Mentor: a Visionary and Integrator-powered peer group
 program for companies running on EOS®

The purpose of TSP Mentor is to help technology services companies unlock potential by tapping into the wisdom of like-minded peers.

Surrounding yourself with abundance-minded people who are committed to growth, open-minded, and with a track record of execution is the fastest way to accelerate toward your goals.

A peer group setting h
osted by Dan Williams

Who is it for?

This program is for entrepreneurial technology organisations that are:

  • committed to growth with a proven track record of execution

  • committed to helping others to grow

  • running their businesses on EOS®

  • have received guidance from an EOS Implementer

  • technology services businesses

What are the expectations?

To maximize the benefits of our program, we ask that all members:

  • agree to full financial transparency

  • sign an agreement that commits to privacy

  • do not compete with each other

  • break away from their day-to-day responsibilities for one meeting each quarter

  • follow the rules of the game

What are the dates and format?

Peer groups will meet quarterly.

All sessions will take place in person in Melbourne Victoria, remote attendance is not permitted. 

The April quarter will be in Fiji at the Sofitel.

The peer group will not exceed 14 people (7 companies).
The rhythm will look like this:

  • July Q1

  • October Q2

  • February Q3

  • April Q4


When you join TSP Mentor, you invest in yourself, your business, and one of your most important relationships.


The program requires an annual commitment of $24,000 ex GST to participate.


This covers all coaching, programming, meetings, catering, and other services provided during the 12-month period of time. You will need to arrange your own travel and accommodation.

Typical Agenda for a Quarterly Session - 2 Full Days


​Review prior quarter 

Subject Matter Expert session

Community Issue Solving (IDS)

New quarter plans 

Nuggets and shoutouts 

Next steps 


How do I Apply?

Ready to take the next step and unlock limitless potential?

Applying to the TSP Mentor Peer Mentoring is easy, just answer a few questions, we will review your eligibility and let you know if you’re approved. Apply now to unlock limitless potential together!

Get in Touch

Not quite ready? Connect with Dan Williams on LinkedIn.

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