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Dan Williams

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Meet Dan.

Dan Williams is an ExpertvEOS® Implementer and serves as the Asia Pacific Community Leader at EOS Worldwide. With a rich professional background spanning over two decades in the IT industry, Dan notably held the position of CEO at a highly successful Australian IT service provider, which was a certified Great Place to Work.


It was during this tenure that Dan first encountered EOS, experiencing the system as a client of Daniel Davis. Eventually, this transformative journey culminated in Dan’s transition to an EOS Implementer role himself.


Throughout his career, Dan has played a pivotal role in facilitating numerous sessions and delivering insightful addresses on a global scale. His unwavering commitment to assisting others and his dedication to enhancing the performance of Australian small and medium enterprises is evident in his mission. This mission is underpinned by a fundamental emphasis on harmonizing business success with the paramount importance of mental health and overall well-being.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Dan is a devoted father of two and invests a significant portion of his time in the pursuit of his purpose: connecting people with possibilities. Dan also runs a social enterprise (Without Fear), cherishes family moments, and coaches junior football.

What I do...


Over the last 20 years I have delivered talks and keynotes on leadership, culture and mental health. 



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Founder and Co-Founder of multiple businesses.

Independent Executives

Without Fear

Next Commerce

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Whatever I am doing, I am doing it to serve my purpose of unlocking potential. Humans and businesses have the ability to change the world, but only when they are using the best of their potential

Dan Williams
Founder, Speaker, EOS Implementer

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I love learning and growing both personally and professionally and as part of our team, I get to do both while making the world a better place

Bek Fletcher
Practice Manager

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